If you're looking for a sophisticated, dramatic, or dazzling show to bring your corporate event into the spotlight, you'll be challenged to find another production company who understand your needs.

Whether you're a motivational speaker delivering content or a promoter for a multi speaker event, it is of utmost importance that every small detail has the attention it requires. We only use industry leading technologies to ensure nothing gets between your message and your audience. No annoying squeals, no feedback, just perfect quality audio.

In addition to getting to your message heard we can ensure it gets seen. With industry leading projection equipment and screens we can put your message on the big screen, whether it's a PowerPoint presentation or a fully featured film, you will captivate your audience. We stock a range of lighting, from the basics to fully-featured intelligent moving lights.

We know that not every hotel or location has the appearance to match your brand. We have all the experience and equipment needed to transform any room into the perfect venue for your event. We stock staging, pipe and drape and other back drops and can provide custom branding for your event.

At Barleybeat Production Services we cover all areas from logistics and audio-visual for corporate event production to scenic and signage transformation in order to meet our clients’ needs.
We know our market inside out, thriving with the constant challenge of pushing boundaries and exceeding all expectations. We are familiar with various national venues and the more assertive solutions to gain a better return. With our dynamism and will to succeed, we work side by side with you to make sure that the success of your event is also ours.


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